Wow… I can’t believe I started this blog. I told myself that I would never do this because I’m not a very talkative person. Anyways, the main purpose of this blog is to 1) showcase the Digg application I wrote in Flex and Apollo and 2) provide and place where user can download my application after the contest ends.

First, let me start by showing you how the application looks… I know, I know, it looks just like =)

Main Interface
As you can see, you can paginate just like if you were on If you click on a topic that belongs to a News category, you will see this screen:

Story Panel

Video panel looks like this:
Video Panel - No Video
If the story has a video icon, you will see an icon on the top right (see above). When you click on it, you will then be able to watch the video.

Video Panel - Video

You can also add stories to your favorites
:Add To Favorites

notice there is a plus and a heart icon…. The heart icon indicates the story is already in your favorites and the plus icon indicates that you can add it to your favorites.

Enough said already, let me post the link:

Download it here

This application requires the Apollo runtime. Please get it here if you already have it.

ENJOY!!!! Thanks for reading! Please come back every now and again for updates of feature(s). If you have any suggestions or comments feel free to post ’em here.